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Artnature 3D立體和紙口罩 (1個裝)

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3D Washi Face Mask (1 piece per pack)

  • 植物製Curetex和紙纖維
  • Plant-based Curetex Yarn Washu Fiber
  • 環保可反覆清洗
    Can be washed & used repeatedly
  • 柔軟透氧
    Soft & Breathable
  • 自動調整濕度
    Automatic Humidity Adjustment
  • 防紫外線
  • 抗菌消毒


尺寸 Size: 20cm x 14cm

產地:日本 Made in Japan


*Artnature 抗菌口罩濾芯不包括在內,可於以下連結分開購買。

Artnature Anti-bacterial Face Mask Filter is not included and can be purchased in the following link separately.